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Property investing – the ‘Great Aussie Dream’. 

Investing in Australia’s biggest asset is both an exciting proposition and a complicated one.  At least, it should be. Yes, investing in property is exciting but there are so many things to consider, it actually is complicated.

A good property investor will consider:

– capital growth potential;

– investment income (ie, the rent);

– the level of expenses (ie, mortgage repayments, rates and maintenance);

– vacancy rates (if you are an investor);

– the dwelling type;

– any depreciation benefits;

– the level of supply in the local area;

– the local infrastructure;

– development and planning in the local area, region and State;

– the economic factors of the local area, region and State.

Whilst this is a lot to accommodate, each factor needs to be considered to ensure you have the best chance of having a successful investment property. So, how do you make it exciting and easy? Ask us, by contacting us via the ‘Contact Information‘ link at the bottom of the page.